Frigi Thalgo Body Wrap 50 min

Discover Thalgo's famous cool marine wrap for treating cellulite, tired, heavy and swollen legs with instant results. After a peeling to prepare your skin for this intensive treatment, special cotton bandage wraps are then applied on legs and stomach area, infused with a lotion containing Thalgo-patented seaweed extract, menthol and active ingredients to improve blood flow and regulate fluid balance. Frigi Thalgo is able to significantly boost circulation, making it highly effective at eliminating excess fluid and toxins from the hip and thigh area. It is the perfect kick-start to a slimming regime.

* It is a cold treatment. Can not be carried out during pregnancy or on those suffering from thyroid gland problems. Also legs should not be freshly shaved to prevent irritation.

kr. 1210,-

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