Travel by bus or boat

  • Express-busses daily to Loen from Bergen, Trondheim, and Oslo. See for timetables and fares.
  • "Travel like the locals" makes it easy to book bus journeys between Ålesund and Stryn. Travel on your own - truly like a local. Book Ålesund-Stryn here.
  • Loen Shuttle operates in summer with 4 daily departures from Loen to Olden and Lodalen Valley. 
  • Hurtigruten is a beautiful boat trip from Bergen along the coast of Western Norway. Stops in MÅLØY, ÅLESUND and GEIRANGER.
  • From Bergen, there is an express boat every day to Måløy. From there you can reach Loen by bus. Timetables for the express boat:
  • Visit for timetables with bus, boat, or ferry in Western Norway. 

For large groups, we can arrange a charter boat from Bergen to Loen, or a charter boat from Aalesund/Vigra to Øye, and a bus from there to Loen.