Via Ferrata Loen leads you to Hoven (the mountain behind Alexandra), 1010 m.a.s.

Start from the Loen Active shop. Forrest road to an altitude of 170 metres. Path through steep terrain from an altitude of 170 metres to 440 metres.

Walking time on path: 1 hour.

Altitude at start of Via Ferrata:      440 metres
The Gjølmunnebridge:      750 metres
Altitude at top of Via Ferrata without the bridge:      880 metres
Altitude at top of Via Ferrata with the bridge:      920 metres
Altitude Hoven:      1010 metres

PRICES 2016:
At minimum 5 persons: NOK  990,- per person (includes guide and equipment)
At less than 5 persons: NOK 4250,- (includes guide and equipment)

Return from Hoven to Loen with Loen Skylift: NOK 285,- (only valid for participants at a guided Via Ferrata tour)

Transportation on return from Oppheim to Loen: NOK 60,- per person
Gloves: NOK 50,-
Hire of shoes: NOK 100,-
Two baguettes à 90 g: NOK 95,-
Waterbottle Olden 0,5 l: NOK 20,-

Estimated duration: From five to seven hours. 
We recommend guided tours, please contact Loen Active !
Hire of Via Ferrata climbing equipment: NOK 400,- 

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