Emil Solli-Tangen, one of Norway's most recognized opera singers, travels on an exciting tour in April, and will also visit Hotel Alexandra on April 29th. With a dazzling mix of passion from opera and our beloved classics, the harmonies this evening will guaranteed become a memorable experience for the audience.

About Emil Solli-Tangen

Emil Solli-Tangen is known for his powerful voice and excellent interpretation of a broad range of music styles - from opera to musicals and pop. With an impressive vocal technique he has established himself as one of Norway's leading opera singers, and has performed on large scenes throughout Norway. 

On his team he also has Trond Akerø-Kleven - a recognized pianist, known for his technical skills and his empathy in his interpretation of classical music. Akerø-Kleven has worked together with many of Norway's famous musicians. With them on tour they also have Michael Caplin - a multi-artist with a unique ability to play different instruments.  

The concert starts at 17:00 h and lasts approximately an hour. After the concert we serve a large dinner buffet in Restaurant Charlotte, and then dance with Steinar Engelbrektson in Alex Dancing. 

Concert package with accomodatgion:

Package price one night - from NOK 1795,- per person in double room. Single room from NOK 2200,-. 


  • Accomodation at Hotel Alexandra
  • Concert with Emil Solli-Tangen in Loensalen
  • Dinner buffet in Restaurant Charlotte
  • Dance with Steinar Engelbrektsson in Alex Dancing
  • Breakfast buffet in Restaurant Charlotte
  • Entrance to Alexandra Bath from check-in to check-out
  • Bathrobe and slippers during your stay

Package price for two nights' stay from NOK 3090,- per person in double room (single room from NOK 3900,-). You are free to extend your stay during midweek, from NOK 1545,- per person per night (single room from NOK 1950,-). Dance with Steinar Engelbrektson both April 29th and Aprisl 30th.


Book packages with accomodation at tel. +47 57875000 or via email to alex@alexandra.no. The packages are not available via web. 

Concert package without accomodation

If you are interested in only the concert, you can choose between two packages: with or without dinner buffet in Restaurant Charlotte. 

  • Concert with Emil Solli-Tangen: NOK 350,- (+ fee)
  • Concert with Emil Solli-Tangen, dinner buffet in Restaurant Charlotte and dance with Steinar Engelbrektson in Alex Dancing: NOK 890,- (+ fee)

Theese packages can be booked via this link (limited number)